Czech - The ethnicity of our core territory is predominantly Bohemian.

Heritage - Our purpose is the preservation and promotion of our collective cultural legacy.

- We believe in cooperative efforts with persons and organizations of like mind

From the By-Laws

Mission Statement:
Preserve, promote and further the ethnic culture and heritage of the area, in conversation with the contemporary world, through educational service and intellectual and physical endeavors.

Objectives and Purpose:
• Promote, preserve and enhance culture and heritage
• Assist the work of members and collaborators
• Cooperate with persons, communities and organizations of like mind
• Research and publish historically correct heritage materials
• Sponsor relevant events
• Engage in educational efforts
• Enrich the future through heritage and history

Operating Philosophy:
Connect locally and globally through physical and virtual networks.

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Czech Heritage Partnership
P.O. Box 186, Protivin, IA 52163
The Czech Heritage Partnership is a 501 (c) (3)
Non-for-Profit Iowa Corporation